Our Expertise in ITIL

Automation 2.0 = Absolute Automation

The concept of Absolute Automation is a methodology we have built that takes automation to a whole new level. Imagine a world where events are trigged by properly configured monitoring agents, automation routines respond to those events by creating a real-time ticket, validate the alerts, execute the remedy to address the problem and close the ticket.

Alert to resolution time? 30 seconds.

Yes, in our definition of absolute automation, everything is automated from alerting to resolution. Human intervention is only required when preset business logics do not allow automation to proceed such as when the datacenter is on fire!

When done right, the savings are enormous. We can help you identify your most repetitive workload and translate them into automated routines.

Example of an absolute automation:

We have done it before

With our years of experience and experts in ITIL, we can help you design, build and integrate your CMDB with all your toolsets so that all critical infrastructure information would be housed within one central database.

A successfully built CMDB would enable you to utilize other advantages of ITIL such as: