Database Development

Modern applications with complex business logic and ever growing processed data amounts pose a technological challenge to database engines in their backend.

Development of a high-performance database leveraging application functionality requires special knowledge, techniques and software engineering skills. NocSmart employs highly qualified staff to accomplish transformation of your business requirements into physical database design:

Such a comprehensive coverage allows NocSmart to make a database a solid foundation of a web application powering its functionality and integration capabilities, efficiently supporting application workflows and data manipulation and serving as a valuable business intelligence data source.

NocSmart database development experience includes dealing with both structured and unstructured data.

What We Do

In addition to regular database development as part of almost any web application development project, NocSmart offers a set of targeted database design and development services:

Database Optimization and Refactoring

If your database has critical performance issues or lacks interoperability and scalability, NocSmart is the right choice to resolve such issues and eliminate bottlenecks. Our services include:

Database Migration

To minimize production downtime and avoid legacy system migration issues, NocSmart offers to use full-cycle database migration services. We apply our database development skills to effectuvely establish the target database and utilize data connectors, ETL tools and manual scripting for data migration.

In such cases NocSmart proposes the following database migration process:

Data Connectors

NocSmart is experienced in developing configurable one-way and bidirectional data connectors enabling data exchange, mapping and synchronization across various technology platforms, databases and business applications. Through our expertise we accomplish the following major objectives:

Business Intelligence Databases

Building business intelligence solutions shifts our database development focus to the following areas:

A typical task for NocSmart is to organize aggregated and consistent data marts and BI-ready infrastructure, visualize their output effectively and make them accessible for decision-makers through a web interface.

Key Principles


NocSmart puts emphasis on database security, protecting sensitive data and providing easy user access management. NocSmart delivers:


We are experienced in building high-performance databases requiring highly productive architecture and topology, finely tuned indexing, queries and transactions, as well as special techniques for data clustering, caching, load balancing, etc.

Such demanding databases are always needed for web applications that focus on online data processing and handle huge volumes of structured/unstructured data. Great examples are content distribution and news portals, payment gateways, web 2.0 solutions and social networks.

ETL and Data Quality Management

From a business perspective, a productive efficient databse is one that contains and manipulates well-structured, actual and consistent data. NocSmart pays great attention to ETL process and data cleansing, normalization and mapping. To accomplish these tasks, we utilize a number of open-source and proprietary data extraction and transformation tools, like Talend solutions and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.