NocSmart OpsPanel allows for the aggregation, correlation and presentation system alerts from many sources into a single dashboard.

OpsPanel uses our built-in integration modules to out of the box plug into monitoring systems such as Zenoss, Uptime, EM7, SolarWinds, OpenView, Splunk and centralize all event information.

Our "Event Enrichment" rules apply a set of business rules on each event to make a cryptic and non-descriptive alert into actionable event thus reducing the service restoration time.

Our automated Correlation Engine quickly identifies the source of an outage and narrows it down to the datacenter in question and even a step further to the third IP Octet so you can focus on the right systems and restore service quickly.


  • Automatically consolidate real-time metrics from cloud-based and on-premise ITSM products, systems and network management tools, Contact Center ACDs, event management platforms, discovery, capacity/availability, project/HR management, IP Telephony, Security Management systems and more.
  • Manage consolidated, contextual and business views of metrics with a robust, catalog-based approach and NO programming.
  • Create and publish formula-based metrics from existing automated metrics- merge business parameters with operations metrics to gain business-value metrics- the language that business understands. Showcase IT's value effortlessly and accurately.
  • Publish tailored, customer-specific views with business-context. Well-proven in large organizations including Managed Services Providers (MSPs), Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs), Shared Services and Chargeback/Transfer-pricing initiatives, OpsPanel delivers customer-specific views of business value and operations performance in real-time - geared to address customer-unique needs for business perspectives and transparency in performance.


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