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Every ITSM Organization strives to provide high-quality technology services to its clients and business units as part of its mission. However, software complexity, manpower changes, and changing business requirements have complicated achieving that mission. Trends such as mobility, virtualization adoption, new and increasing compliance and governance requirements, and the need to modernize existing infrastructure add further complication to managing the IT environment.

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VmSmart is a powerful product which performs Provisioning and Snapshot operations such as Creating a Snapshot, Restore a Snapshot and Delete a Snapshot. We can also perform the console operations like PowerOn, PowerOff, Shutdown, Reboot and Suspend for a single Virtual Machine.

We can use this product, instead of using VCenter to check the Virtual Machine and its console. Hierarchical view (Map View) of a Virtual Machine can also done. (i.e) Vcenter->Datcenter->Esxi Host->Virtual Machine.

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NocSmart OpsPanel allows for the aggregation, correlation and presentation system alerts from many sources into a single dashboard.

OpsPanel uses our built-in integration modules to out of the box plug into monitoring systems such as Zenoss, Uptime, EM7, SolarWinds, OpenView, Splunk and centralize all event information.

Our "Event Enrichment" rules apply a set of business rules on each event to make a cryptic and non-descriptive alert into actionable event thus reducing the service restoration time.

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