We Can Help You

NocSmart provides comprehensive consulting and management services, with proven methodologies, through two verticals:

Managed Services Solutions

We don't expect all our customers to have in-depth technical know-how to deploy and maintain a state of the art technology infrastructure. That's our job. We help you make the right decisions during acquisition and implementation of your technology solutions. Once deployed, we monitor, maintain and manage these solutions so you can rest assured that your services are available at all times. This way, we focus on your infrastructure availability while you focus on your business. Losing sleep over your Exchange server going down? Oracle database server issues? Website outages? Don't worry, we got you covered!

Enterprise Software Development

We have over ten years of software engineering experience having developed solutions with exceptional results. Our capabilities are not limited to any specific language or industry. We see software development as a means of achieving an end goal. You tell us the objective and we do the rest. Our software development methodology combines Agile Project Management processes with Extreme Programming Concepts to deliver results fast!

When we say fast, we mean delivering a beta version of a concept within weeks not months. We believe in continues delivery of solutions, receving feedback and continues improvement instead of the traditional methodologies where months or even years are spent building a solution that is out dated by the time the first release comes out.

We understand the economic realities of today's world and realize your need to get solutions out to your clients quickly and flawlessly. That is the partner we aspire to become in your organization. One that gets things done!