A powerful product which handles provisioning, snapshots and console operations for virtual machines. An alternative for expensive virtualization tools to check the console hierarchical view of VMs. VmSmart uses VMWare APIs to provide a controlled environment for work flow automation.

Virtual machines are key component in dynamic datacentres. Every virtual machine has virtual devices that provide the same function as physical hardware. A virtual machine gets CPU and memory, access to storage, and network connectivity from the host it runs on.

Creating a Virtual Machine

VmSmart can create virtual machines with tailored associations to host, cluster, datastore etc. These virtual machines consume resources dynamically in accordance with the workload thereby increasing the efficiency.

VmSmart can use individual VMs as templates. The templates can be used to quickly provision any number of similar virtual machines whenever required. This enables applications to hit the ground running in a dynamic datacentre.

VmSmart can clone any virtual machine to create a quick copy for emergencies. VmSmart uses snapshot method to perform this process.

What is a snapshot?

A snapshot preserves the state and data of a virtual machine at a specific point in time. The data includes all of the files that make up the virtual machine. This includes disks, memory, and other devices, such as virtual network interface cards.

VmSmart perform operations with virtual machines and their snapshots. Few such operations

Creating Snapshots

VmSmart can take one or more snapshots of a virtual machine to capture the settings state, disk state, and memory state at at that specific point of time. VmSmart can quiesce the virtual machine files and exclude the virtual machine disks from snapshots.

Deleting Snapshots

VmSmart removes snapshots without affecting the current state of the virtual machine. It consolidates the changes between the snapshot and the previous disk state and writes all the data from the delta disk to the parent disk.


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