What is MSP?

Traditionally, Management Service Provider companies deliver IT infrastructure management services to multiple customers over a network on a subscription basis. Like Application Service Providers, they deliver services via networks that are billed to their clients on a recurring fee basis. Unlike ASPs, which deliver business applications to end users, MSPs deliver system and network management services to IT departments and other customers who manage their own technology assets.

The types of solutions that MSPs typically offer include products and services that enable companies or individuals to better manage computer systems, networks, databases and applications, as well as performance and the availability of those critical IT resources.

NocSmart takes the MSP concept a step further and stresses the need for MSPs to software needs of the clients as well. With so much focus these days on enterprise and mobile apps, simply supporting the IT infrastructure is not enough.

We believe an MSP should offer not only its IT services but also competitive toolsets that are designed give the client an edge when it comes to managing their information technology infrastructure.

Market analysts expect the demand for MSPs to grow exponentially as the need for impeccably functioning systems and networks, fueled by the growing Internet economy, continues to raise expectations and requirements for robust performance. MSPs can also take the burden off IT personnel and administrative staff held responsible for efficient system operations, and offer an attractive alternative to internally run IT management.

NocSmart realizes the importance of continual growth in IT technology. To nourish this growth and prepare for the next generation of computing infrastructures that will depend heavily on complex virtualization clouds, NocSmart offers automation and integration toolsets that provide an edge for our clients to compete and win. Our service start with listening to our customers first.