Why NocSmart

It's just not enough to have a Management Service Provider on board. You need to find the right MSP.

Finding the right MSP is crucial in the success of a new mission critical application or eBusiness initiative. There are a number of organizations that can watch systems day and night, but can they provide all the services your company needs? A great MSP goes beyond a customer's expectation by offering scalable and comprehensive services that stay ahead of the curve. It takes pride in delivering great design, customized airtight service level agreements, and the experience to implement applications and hardware to the "go" point. Proactive support of topnotch consultants and systems engineers is also key in delivering and managing these solutions.

This is the definition of a great MSP. This is the definition of NocSmart.

We start with the basics.

Before we design, install, automate, and monitor, we start out doing something very basic: we get to know your business. Not just the systems, but the value behind the solution.

Why? Because understanding your history, goals, and vision is how successful relationships are built. This knowledge becomes the foundation of our approach and informs everything we do.

NocSmart has developed the most comprehensive set of tools available in the IT applications and infrastructure management area. We can assist you through every stage of the process - from design, planning, and implementation to management, monitoring, and reporting.

We add long-term value with NocSmart.

We add long-term value, from start to finish, through NocSmart, our proprietary automated management and monitoring platform that is configured, deployed, and utilized based on each customer's unique requirements.

The NocSmart management process starts with NocSmart Configuration Manager, NocSmart's front-end system - where the customer's application and infrastructure specific monitoring points and procedures are loaded. Once design and planning are complete, monitoring agents are loaded on hardware and software via fully automated NocSmart Deployment Manager. Immediately following transition and implementation, automated filtering and alert notification processes are activated through NocSmart Utilization Manager.

Once you're up and running with NocSmart, you can access up-to-the-minute information on your application and infrastructure performance through NocSmart's NocSmart Web Manager, NocSmart's custom developed reporting portal. The Web reporting functions are fully customizable to your monitoring needs. In addition, NocSmart provides in-depth interpretation of data and trend analysis to help you manage your business real-time and long term.