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With OpSmart ITSM you can easily customize based on your needs and build API’s for any tools or application that you use internally all within 2 weeks.

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Select the Right ITSM Software

With the right ITSM software you can,

  • Boost productivity
  • Minimize the impact of issues
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Adhere to compliance and industry regulations
  • Increase team accountability and productivity

The Business Value of OpSmart ITSM

Enable more productive and satisfied users, lower IT costs, and tighten IT control, Investing in OpSmart ITSM turns your service delivery into a source of competitive advantage and business values.

Improve User Experience

25% Average reduction on service desk calls

Improve Staff Efficiency

80% Reduction in cost as time spent in change management decreases

Improve Speed and Agility

50% Average reduction on service request times

Why OpSmart?

IT Service Management

Harness big data to accelerate ITIL-driven service delivery, improve user experience, and lower service desk costs.

Leave the High Costs and Frustration of Traditional ITSM Behind

Transform the excessive costs and frustrations of traditional ITSM into more productive and satisfied users.

Faster Service. Better Experience. Lower Costs.

With OpSmart, you can speed up service delivery while making the experience more satisfying for end users.

of consumers say that #1 factor that leads to a great customer experience is having their issues resolved quickly

- ICML, 2015

of organizations are either not sure or not aware of the cost per IT incident.

- 2016 Pulse Report, Gatepoint Research

of organizations say their biggest challenge is reacting to IT incidents instead of proactively anticipating them.

- 2016 Pulse Report, Gatepoint Research

Flexible plans for your IT needs


IT help desk software - The perfect starter kit to get your ticketing right. (Monthly License Fee Per ITIL User (Support Included))

$49 per month
  • CMDB Management
  • Asset Management
  • ITSM Ticketing Management Suite (IR/CR/PR/SR)
  • Provisioning Workflow Engine
  • Event Management Dashboard (Alert Central)
  • -
  • -
  • -

Help desk + asset management - The right package for integrated IT Asset management. (Monthly License Fee Per ITIL User (Support Included))

$79 per month
  • CMDB Management
  • Asset Management
  • ITSM Ticketing Management Suite (IR/CR/PR/SR)
  • Provisioning Workflow Engine
  • Event Management Dashboard (Alert Central)
  • Storage Management & Automation
  • -
  • Integration Interface with over 25 third party tools

Help desk + ITIL® + asset + project - The complete ITIL® ready ITSM suite with all features that an IT service desk needs. (Monthly License Fee Per ITIL User (Support Included))

$99 per month
  • CMDB Management
  • Asset Management
  • ITSM Ticketing Management Suite (IR/CR/PR/SR)
  • Event Management Dashboard (Alert Central)
  • Storage Management & Automation
  • Virtualization Cloud Management
  • Integration Interface with over 25 third party tools

Start making your life easier with OpSmart ITSM

With OpSmart platform, you are empowered to centralize all your information into a singular CMDB via built in automation that ensures accuracy, correlation and reliability. With over a dozen built in modules, the platform allows you to manage all your ticketing workflows within a singular solution.

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Overview of OpSmart ITSM

Frequently Asked Questions

My IT help desks get enormous number of phone calls daily, how will ensure they work efficiently by resolving issues rather spending time responding to calls?

Use OpSmart ITSM to create a self-service portal where users can raise incidents and tickets online. This will drastically reduce calls and walkups which will eventually help your IT help desk team to focus on resolving issues. Choose an ITSM platform which is easy to use or business & non-technical users will continue to bombard IT teams with calls and walk ups.

My users expect resolution quickly and accurately, what can I do make sure that the SLA’s are met?

Use ITIL-based OpSmart incident management module to automatically track and process incidents. Once a user raises an incident through OpSmart, it will be automatically routed to the next available IT help desk resource, OpSmart then keeps track of status, reminder, alerts and resolution time. You can instantly generate reports with in the click of a button and check how your IT help desk has increased its performance by more than 25% since implementing OpSmart.

There are lot of recurring issues which consume a huge amount of IT help desk bandwidth, how can I manage this?

OpSmart Problem management can identify, track and helps you to resolve these systemic issues. You can analyze incidents to identify common problems and then create a problem record to drive resolution, similar to the way incident management helps you resolve incidents. Rather than working around the same issue again and again, you’ll identify the underlying cause and fix it once. The result? You’ll prevent future incidents, do less work, and increase user satisfaction.

My IT team faces this enormous challenge of keeping track of each user’s as well as company assets, is there a way that I could manage all assets in a single platform?

OpSmart will help automatically keep track of assets with asset tracking and discovery module. You’ll be able to maintain an accurate record of all of your IT assets, including who’s using them. By discovering assets automatically, you’ll drastically reduce the effort of managing your assets, and you’ll always have an up to-date view of what’s out there. You can also automatically attach relevant asset data to each incident, rather than having to search for information or ask your users.


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