Software Product Support

In a connected world, as software products become more and more complex, proficient technical support becomes more integral to the customer experience and more difficult to fulfill. This challenge is made more complex by escalating operational and capital costs in a fluctuating economy.

NocSmart can assess business and technology drivers to plan, design and implement leading-edge product support teams. Our Technical and Product Support offerings are:

Cost-effective. We help you reduce cost per transaction by introducing innovative solutions that include highly skilled talent for a fraction of your current cost.

Measurable. We can help your business enhance customer satisfaction by improving first-time call resolution and other key business metrics.

Scalable. We address scalability and business continuity concerns by providing geographically integrated support operations.

NocSmart can help your enterprise deliver technical and product support across all channels and levels. Our resources are enabled with knowledge management, process improvement, case management and service enablement tools. NocSmart provides comprehensive automated and self-service support options, and contributes to their continuous improvement through content production, analytics and process reengineering.

We can help you develop software applictions using