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Software testing is an important part of developing a reliable product. The investment in software testing can be steep yet taking any shortcuts can result in a strategic blunder. We can help you achieve the best in software testing while avoiding the risks in taking shortcuts. Our testing solutions provide a flexible and cost effect way to achieve end-to-end QA testing as part of your overall product development strategy. We are experienced in QA testing with the:

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Software testing focuses primarily on evaluating or assessing product quality, which is realized through the following core practices:

The levels of software testing

Key measures of quality assurance software testing

The key measures of a test include Coverage and Quality. Test Coverage is the measurement of testing completeness. It is based on the coverage of testing expressed by the coverage of test requirements and test cases or by the coverage of executed code. Test coverage includes requirements based coverage and code based coverage. Quality is a measure of the reliability, stability, and performance of the target-of-test (system or application-under-test). Quality is based on evaluating test results and analyzing change requests (defects) identified during testing.

Multiple Test Levels for Best Quality

Quality testing is applied to different types of targets, in different stages or levels of work effort. These levels are distinguished typically by those roles that are best skilled to design and conduct the tests, and where techniques are most appropriate for testing at each level. It's important to ensure a balance of focus is retained across these different work efforts.

1. Testing in Development

Development testing denotes the aspects of test design and implementation most appropriate for the team of developers to undertake. In most cases, test execution initially occurs with the developer-testing group who designed and implemented the test, but it is a good practice for the developers to create their tests in such a way so as to make them available to independent testing groups for execution.

2. Objective QA Testing

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